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Hello, everypony! This is your fellow Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, or Cadance! Feel free to ask me all your questions- but, you know, let's at least try keep things
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  • umm hello thereI was told to make this blog to meet new ponies. So if you want to ask me stuff feel freethat is if you want.

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    carrot-tops-garden: I’m glad that everything turned out okay in the end, but I still feel pretty guilty that I let myself stoop that low… if I ever run across
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    Follow the world's creators. Reblog and I shall ask you guys questions, all of you. 1. Last time you cried?
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    Thank you so much for the new t-shirt more pics to come <3
    I do not own all the code on this blog, i'm modify and edit some code a bit to suit for the Tumblr Theme All images for an explanation of the tutorial is copyrighted
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